Introducing a new product is exciting and especially so when the scope is national and soon to be international. NXTCOLD LLC has made significant technological development in the industrial refrigeration realm. Our independent packaged unit concept combined with advanced patented technology is proving to be transformational.

NXTCOLDTM is a self-contained industrial refrigeration system. It utilizes ammonia, a natural refrigerant and features an ultra-low charge that can be measured in ounces per TR (ton of refrigeration).

NXTCOLDTM designed technology includes a U.S. patented refrigeration system controlled by measuring refrigerant quality within the evaporator. All systems contain state of the art industrial refrigeration components and are factory tested for performance.

Temperature range is minus 60 F. (-51 C.) to plus 60 F. (16 C.). NXTCOLDTM units are engineered to improve performance and greatly reduce energy consumption. For optimum performance, variable frequency drives (VFD) are used on compressors, evaporators and condenser fan motors. Power requirements are typically 15 to 25% less than traditional industrial refrigeration systems.

NXTCOLDTM is expanding the use of self-contained packaged unit refrigeration systems for all industrial applications. NXTCOLDTM units are constructed for quick and easy roof top or ground level installation. Capacity Range is from 10 to 150 TR.




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